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Welcome to my astronomy website.

I've been interested in astronomy all my life, and I've been an active amateur astronomer since 1996. I'm strictly a visual observer (meaning I like to look through the eyepiece of a telescope, rather than take pictures with it). I like all kinds of observing, including shallow-sky (Moon, planets, asteroids, comets), deep-sky (galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters), as well as sidewalk astronomy (sharing astronomy and views through the eyepiece with the general public).


I'm very active in both of San Francisco's astronomy organizations, the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers and the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers. I'm past-President of SFAA, and I currently maintain the Sidewalk Astronomer's website.

Please choose from these topics:

Astronomical Sketches Gallery

A gallery containing sketches from my observing sessions. Sun, Moon, planets, and deep-sky objects are all here.

Software and Tools

Astronomy software and tools that I've developed.

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